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Your knife making journey begins here! Build a stock-removal knife in this beginner course. You'll start from scratch --no prior knife making experience required! I will teach you everything you need to know in order to be a successful stock-removal knife maker. You will be equipped with the proper techniques to develop your knife-making craftsmanship!

Master the Techniques

Avoid the common mistakes that beginning knife makers often make. Learn the techniques that can take you from beginner to intermediate and beyond! It won't happen overnight, but with the right techniques, consistent practice, proper guidance, and raw determination, you will be blown away with what you can create!

Learn About the Tools

What tools do you need to build a knife? You can start with as little as a drill, file, hacksaw, blow torch, and a lot of sandpaper! However, if you are thinking about starting a knife making business, you will want professional results. I will show you exactly what you'll need.

You Don't Need Expensive Equipment

I'll Show You How to Build a Stock-Removal Knife Shop on Your Budget

Start With the Basics

First, you'll learn how to setup your own home-based, stock-removal knife shop. Live in a quiet neighborhood? No problem, this is "Stock-Removal" no hammer & anvil necessary!

Knife Design
Next, you'll gain a solid grasp of the most common knife functions, blade styles, and bevel types. Then, you'll be ready to master the art of knife design and how to engineer a knife for a particular function.

Materials & Supplies

Knowing what supplies and materials are needed, who has the best quality, where to buy, and how to find the best prices; can be both overwhelming and time-consuming. But don't worry, I'll provide you with a starter-kit list and suggested suppliers where you can buy conveniently online.

Instructional Videos

Videos coming soon!

Knifemakers Mastery Podcast

Check out the Knifemaker's Mastery weekly Podcast. You'll learn tips and techniques for new knife makers, how to avoid common mistakes, latest knife-making trends, knife-making as a business, and much more! Have stock-removal knife making question? Send me an email with your question at steve.knifemakersmastery@gmail.com. In addition to the weekly episodes, I host 2 Q&A episodes per month, where I answer questions from listeners.

Build a Legacy

The knife is the most versatile tool ever invented. Its the perfect blend of functionality & beauty, and has endured the ages.  Our you ready to build yours?


What Are You Waiting For? ...Start Your Knifemaking Journey Today!

Build a Legacy

Imagine designing and building a knife that is passed down to your next generations. They’ll tell stories of how you hand-crafted this knife, as they take it from among their most prized possessions and hold it in their hands!  

What Are You Waiting For? ...Start Your Knifemaking Journey Today!

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