Episode 13-1 - Sharpening Your Knife

In this episode, Steve discusses his techniques for making his knives hair-shaving sharp and why it all starts with beveling!  Is it all about the type of sharpening stones you have?? No!!! It's all about using the right techniques.  Master these techniques and learn how to achieve optimal sharpness in your blades.   

Carter Cutlery sharpening a knife with a brick:  https://youtu.be/CXLaE1JvQ94

Episode 12-1 - Finishing Your Handles

In this episode, Steve goes through the entire process he uses to finish his knife handles. Each part of the finishing process, to include the blade finish part, are crucial to the final presentation of your knife. For that reason, Steve explains the importance of the finishing stages and how to achieve professional results.

Episode 11-1 - Attaching the Handles

In this episode, Steve talks about the 2 major ways to attach knife handles and breaks down different ways of doing it. He then explains exactly how he does his knife handles and options for buying handle hardware.


Episode 10-2 - Finishing Knives Part 2

This is the second part of core topic 10, finishing your blades. Steve talks about how to get setup for sandblasting, how he does it and how he also blackens his knives with ferric chloride and other methods. Here are the links from this episode https://youtu.be/O7ZThs1y8xs --"Self Made Knives" rust test for knife makers https://youtu.be/MpnALC4HDeg --acid etch with ferric chloride -"Dirty Room Knives"

Episode 10-1 - Finishing Knives Part 1

In this episode, Steve discusses how he produces a satin and mirror finish on his knives.  He explains the process step-by-step, as well as the types of supplies needed.  Additionally, Steve also does a quick comparison between the Grizzly 1015 intermediate Knife Grinder and his new KMG-10 professional level grinder.

Episode 9-4 -Hanging Out with Dell Webber

Today's guest hales from the UK and has been crafting knives for over 10 years! He owns two different knife companies: Webber Handmade knives, where he offers bushcraft and outdoor knives, and Dirty Room Knives, where he offer EDC and Tactical blades, which in my opinion, are nothing short of badass! His knives illustrate a perfect blend of craftsmanship, functionality, and artistry. He has published around 54 videos on YouTube, with over 78000 subscribers and 400K average views. He also is a regular on Instagram and has nearly 6K followers. This man is a serious master of his craft! So much so, that Joe Robinet, the bushcraft/survivalist expert who has been on the History channel, and has over 223K subscribers on his YouTube channel, asked our guest to make him a run of bushcraft knives.

Episode 9-3 -Shop Talk: Outlaws, Bolsters, and Recurves

In this episode, Steve talks about his latest Primal Knife project --a batch of Outlaws!  He discusses some of the principles of designing advanced features and what and what not to do.

Episode 9-2 -How I Heat Treat my Knife Blanks

In this episode, Steve discusses exactly how he heat treats his knife blanks, made from either O-1 Tool Steel, Sandvik 12C27 Stainless, or 1095 High Carbon steel.  His methods assume that you will be using a professional heat treating kiln.

Episode 9-1 -Introduction to Heat Treating

Welcome to core topic number, episode 1 - the introduction to heat treating.  Steve discusses the 4 elements of heat treating: Steel, Equipment, Quenchant, and process.  As a prerequisite, Steve recommends that you review core topic 2, episodes 1-3, if you haven't already listened to those.

Episode 8-2 -Hanging Out with Mike Stewart of Ekim Knives

My guest today is very familiar with the complexities of knife making, as he has continued to evolve over the years from making "simple" fixed blades...to complex titanium folders! His workmanship is superb and his dedication to the knife making community is equally admirable! He has posted around 133 videos on YouTube, with over 23K subscribers. He also is a regular on Instagram and has a following of over 9K. With that sort of footprint, it's no wonder he has made the jump to full time knife maker! It's a privilege to have in the virtual knife shop, none other than Mr. Mike Stewart, owner, operator of Ekim Knives!

Episode 8-1 -Aligning The Knife Handles

Steve goes through the process for cutting out your knife handles from your previously flattened knife scales and aligning them to the knife tang.  Following Steve's methods will ensure your handles will be perfectly aligned and your handle hardware will fit correctly!

Episode 7-1 -Knife Scales

Steve discusses how to cut and prepare your own knife scales and make them into knife handles.  He also introduces techniques to help you not to make mistakes.

Episode 6-1 -Applying Your Maker's Mark

Steve takes us into core topic 6, applying the maker's mark. He discusses two methods for putting your maker's mark on your knives: Acid etching and stamping. He also provides some information on where to buy supplies for both methods. Here are the websites referenced in this episode:

argontool.com (for steel stamp)
knifemaking.com (Jantz Knife Supply)
markingmethods.com (stencils)
popsknifesupplies.com (where I buy my Micarta)

Episode 5-1 - Drilling Holes in the Knife Blank

In this short core topic, Steve explains what you need to know in order to drill precision holes into your knife blank.  

Episode 4.4: Hanging out With Chris James of CJ Knives - Available 31-Aug

One of the cool parts of podcasting is getting to meet other interesting knife makers. Well today's guest certainly fits that category, in fact he's extraordinary. He's been making knives for just over 2.5 years, yet, after just a little over a year, had one of his hunters put on the front page of Blade Magazine! Can you believe it? This man is blessed with God-give talent. It took me around 600 hours to get to the point where I made something that resembles a knife. Well I'm glad he stopped by the virtual knife shop to share some of his tips and techniques, aspirations and challenges to you.

Episode 4.3: How I Bevel My Knives

In this episode, Steve goes step-by-step how he bevels his knives. He talks about his own techniques that he uses to achieve professional results.  This is the final episode of the beveling core topic.  For best results, make sure to listen to Beveling parts A and B first.

Episode 4.2: Introduction to Knife Beveling Part B

This is part B of the introduction to beveling knives.  In this second part, Steve concludes the 8 concepts of knife beveling, which he refers to as the Zen of knife beveling!  Master the 8 concepts and you'll be beveling with professional results.

Episode 4.1: Introduction to Knife Beveling Part A

Welcome to core topic number 4! In this episode, Steve introduces the first 4 of the 8 concepts of knife beveling. Those concepts are what you will need to master in order to successfully bevel your knife blanks. This introduction is divide into two parts. Get ready to master the concepts that will make you a successful knife maker!

Episode 3-3: Hanging out With James "Pop" Poplin

In this episode, Steve talks with Pop, a man who has been in the world of knife making for many years. He remembers attending knife maker guild meetings where speakers included folks such as Bob Loveless and A.G. Russell. Pop used to make beautiful knives that, if you can find on the market these days, will likely sell for over a thousand dollars. He has a unique style and his knives were made with precision and craftsmanship. These days he runs a small knife supply shop, www.popsknifesupplies.com, and offers some of the best service and prices. I'm honored to introduce to you, a man who understands the knife making community, because he is one of the patriarchs of it, in my opinion.

Episode 3-2: Profiling the Knife Blank

In this episode, Steve goes through the 12 steps that he uses when profiling his knife blanks. He provides details on the techniques that he employs, as well as things to keep in mind when profiling.

Episode 3-1: Knife Blank Profiling

In this introduction to profiling, Steve provides an overview of the 5 common methods for profiling knife blanks: Hacksaw, angle grinder, metal cutting bandsaw, water jet, and CNC.  He shares some of his experiences and talks about what he uses in his knife shop.

Episode 2-4: Knife Shop Talk

Steve changes things up a bit. This episode is all about what he's been building in the knife shop recently. Just some good 'ol shop talk! Hear about a couple of the problems he encounters and how he turns those problems into opportunities while making his latest skinner and tactical dagger.

Episode 2-3: Knives & Popular Blade Steel

In this episode, Steve discusses some popular knife steels, their composition and uses.

Episode 2-2: Knives: Blade Steel Science

In this episode, Steve discusses the basics of steel composition and the transformation that occurs during various levels of heat treatment.  Specifically, he explains in plain english, the atomic structure of steel, from Ferrite to Austenite, to Martinsite, and also normalizing, annealing, hardening, and tempering..

Episode 2-1: Knife Making Blade Steel

In this first episode of the second core topic titled, Steel. Steve introduces the essentials of blade steel, including terms, chemical composition, and properties of various alloys found in knife steel.  He breaks it down into three categories: High carbon steel, Tool steel, and Stainless Steel.

Episode 1-5: Knife Making Tools

This is the Q & A episode where Steve explains exactly what tools you will need to start making stock-removal knives. He discusses three options: Economy package, the Mid-Grade package, and the Pro-Grade package. If you are wondering what tools you'll need to get started, then you'll want to check out this episode!

Episode 1-4 "Hanging Out with Walter Sorrells"

In this episode, long-time sword smith & knife maker, Walter Sorrells, visits the virtual knife shop and imparts his wisdom and practical information for new knife makers.  He has been interested in swords and knives since he was a little kid.  As an adult, he became a successful novelist and martial artist.  One day, he had an idea for a story that involved a Japanese sword smith.  While conducting his research on Japanese sword smithing, he got inspired to give it a go himself.  So, he jumped in and not only learned this ancient craft, but through much sweat, discipline, and dedication to craftmanship, became a well-respected blade smith, who in the Japanese tradition,not only learned to hand-forge Japanese-inspired swords, but he even smelted his own steel.  Eventually, his unrelenting dedication to craftsmanship had established him as a a master and other knife makers began to ask himm for advice and guidance.  So, as is his nature, he developed highly professional videos on how to forge blades and make knives.  Well, his popularity and skills continued to soar, so much so that he was invited to be a contestant on History Channel's popular knife making show, "Forged In Fire."  Today, this blade smith enjoys a following of nearly 3 million viewers and over 300K subscribers to his YouTube channels.  I personally learned from his videos back when I started making knives in 2013.  Today, he is still expanding and growing his successful business, Tactix Armory, where he sells custom-made knives.  So what's next on his horizon?  What are the philosophies that drive him to such perfection?  What is the secret to his success?  Well, we're going to find out and much more today because it is my honor and privilege to welcome to the virtual knife shop, the one and only, Mr. Walter Sorrells!

Episode 1-3

This is the third episode in the topical series called, the Art of Knife Design.  In it, Steve discusses various common bevel types that can be ground on the knife blanks, and the functional benefits of each type.

Episode 1-2

This is the second episode in the topical series called, the Art of Knife Design.  In it, Steve discusses 8 common blade styles & when to use them and why.

Episode 1-1

This is the first episode in the mini series topic called, the Art of Knife Design, which is the first of 15 topics.  This episode discusses the parts of a full tang knife, and 4 common knives to design.

Episode 0

The Knife Maker’s Mastery introductory episode explains what this podcast is all about, why it was created, how it will help the new knife maker, and some background on the show’s creator and host, Steve Reza. Knife Maker’s Mastery was developed for new and aspiring knife makers who would like to master the art of knife design. This podcast starts with the absolute basics and assumes zero knife making knowledge. Overall, there will be 15 core topics which go through every aspect of stock-removal knife making, from design to building to packaging. Each core topic is subdivided into 4-10 episodes, which are serial; meaning, each episode builds on the previous one. There will be 1-2 episodes released every week. Every third Friday, there’ll be a guest interview where we invite an expert knife maker to the virtual knife shop. The last episode of every core topic will be a Q&A session where we answer questions from listeners.